Saturday, January 12, 2008

Favourite Audio Books - 2007

Last year, like 2006, I listened to 14 audio books so clearly a top ten is out of the question, however two of them came out with an 'A' grade:
Michael Dibdin - Back to Bologna
Barbara Nadel - A Passion for Killing
The narrators are respectively, Michael Tudor Barnes and Sean Barrett. Along with these two narrators I'd also recommend Tim Goodman (Bryant & May series by Christopher Fowler), Maggie Mash (anything) and David Rintoul (Inspector Sejer series by Karin Fossum).


Kerrie said...

Hello Karen
My favourites for 2007
THE RED DAHLIA by Lynda la Plante, reader is Jane McTeer
TOUCH OF FROST by R. D. Wingfield, no idea who read this (didn't record it)
THE WITNESS AT THE WEDDING by Simon Brett, read by the author

Maxine said...

Off-topic for this blog, but the only audio book(s) I listened to this year were a couple of Harry Potters. Stephen Fry reads them brilliantly.

Euro Crime said...

Hi Kerrie,

yes Simon Brett is very good also, especially as a non-actor.

According to the ISIS webpage, Robin Browne narrated a Touch of Frost - not a narrator I've come across (yet).

Next up on CD I have Absolution by Caro Ramsay narrated by ex Taggart chap James McPherson.