Thursday, February 22, 2007

...your father has been reading too much Dante

Giulio Leoni has written a trilogy *starring* Dante Alighieri. Naturally the first one to be translated was the middle part, published in January 2007 as 'The Third Heaven Conspiracy'(UK)/'The Mosaic Crimes'(US).

However a recent snippet from Publisher's Lunch-
Giulio Leoni's second novel (I DELITTI DELLA LUCE) in his medieval literary thriller series featuring Prior Dante Aligheri, to James Gurbutt at Harvill Secker, by Philip Patterson of Marjacq Scripts, on behalf of Piergiorgio Nicolazzini.
-reveals that (in fact) the final part of the trilogy is to be translated next.

The information about the order of the books is given on the English part of Leoni's website:
In 2000 I won the Premio Alberto Tedeschi, a prestigious Italian award for mystery novels. The book was Dante Alighieri e i delitti della Medusa (The Medusa Crimes), a historical tale in which the unexpected investigations of the great poet Dante Alighieri were unveiled for the first time. A famous singer, Vana del Moggio, is found slain and beheaded. And in place of the head, is a horrible image of Medusa, the work of the accursed Guido Bigarelli, the mad sculptor who has been banned

In 2004 I delitti del mosaico (The Mosaic Crimes) was published, a new investigation by Dante Alighieri, followed the next year by I delitti della luce (The Crimes of the Light), another novel set in the early 14th century that completes the trilogy inspired by the three parts of the Divine Comedy.
And the first part will be translated when.....?

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