Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Reviews & Updates on Euro Crime

Firstly, the competions are still open. Lots of free books on offer.

This week's new reviews are 'Betrayal' by Paul Carson reviewed by Maxine Clarke aka Petrona, 'He Who Fears The Wolf' by Karin Fossum (audio) reviewed by Karen Meek and 'The Sword of Shame' by The Medieval Murderers reviewed by Terry Halligan.

The 'Authors' page has been updated (510 author homepages currently listed).

The 'New Releases' pages have been updated.

In 'Books' there are now bibliographies for 1019 authors (5634 titles with links to 886 reviews). I've added bibliographies for the following: Jill Dawson, James Fleming, Paul Halter, Martin Langfield and Stef Penney. Also in 'Books' I've updated the bibliographies (ie added new titles) for: Henning Mankell, David McKeowen and Minette Walters.

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