Friday, February 23, 2007

Meet Josephine Tey, amateur sleuth

From Publishing News:
London theatreland in the 1930s is the setting for a new series of detective novels by Nicola Upson, who has worked in theatre management and been crime fiction reviewer for the New Statesman. Faber's Walter Donohue clinched a two-book deal for UK/ Commonwealth rights from Karolina Sutton at ICM. An Expert in Murder features real-life playwright Josephine Tey, who divided her time between Scotland and the West End, enjoying extraordinary success and launching the career of John Gielgud, among others. Already, P D James is a fan, and Donohue believes the novel is “an exhilarating read and a remarkably authentic tribute to the golden age of British crime fiction”.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds fascinating. I think the very first detective novel I ever read was The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey (S. Holmes was actually the first but they are short stories). I read all (?) of her others too, the Franchise Affair and Brat Farrar standing out in my mind.
This has given me an idea for a post.
But thanks for the heads-up, I will look out for this book. J. T. (or whatever her real name was) was an interesting woman, I read a bio of her once but have not retained the details in my sieve-like brain.