Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Craig Russell wins the Hamburg Polizeistern Award

Book 2 Book reports that:
Craig Russell, author the series of thrillers featuring Jan Fabel of the Hamburg murder squad - Blood Eagle, Brother Grimm and the soon to be released Eternal (Hutchinson, 7th May) - has been awarded the Hamburg Polizeistern Award (the annual Police Star Award).

The award is given in recognition of the person who has done most to support the work of the Polizei Hamburg and to raise awareness of the force and its work. This is the only time a Hamburg Police award has been bestowed on a non-German.

The award was presented by Polizeipräsident Werner Jantosch, Chief of Police for Hamburg and there was an audience of 300 consisting of senior police officers, press, TV and radio, and politicians, including Udo Nagel, Hamburg’s Innensenator (Interior Minister)

In his speech, Herr Jantosch thanked Craig for his support of the Hamburg Police and the fact that the Jan Fabel series of thrillers had raised the profile of the Polizei Hamburg in more than twenty countries. Craig made his acceptance speech in German, thanking the Polizei Hamburg for their support and technical advice throughout the writing of the series, and explaining his goal to portray modern Germany to British and worldwide audience.
Find out more about the Jan Fabel series at Craig Russell's website.

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