Monday, November 14, 2016

TV News: The Coroner Series 2 on BBC One

The Coroner
starring Claire Goose returns to BBC One next Monday (21st) at 2.15pm with the first of ten episodes showing on consecutive weekdays.

Episode 1 is The Drop Zone:
Jane's fear of heights is put to the test when she and Davey investigate a skydiving accident and discover that someone has tampered with the parachute.
The Boxset DVD will be available on 12 December.


Nan said...

Hooray! I love that show!

Eileen Thomas said...

Great show - sooo glad its back - deserves a wider audience

Barrie Anderson said...

What a load of rubbish. Wycliffe with a lobotomy. Weak acting, corny plot and dated production values. Pity really, Claire Goose deserves better material than this.