Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TV News: Wallander's final series on BBC Four

The third and final series of the Swedish Wallander starring Krister Henriksson begins on BBC Four on 17 May at 9pm.

The first of the six ninety-minute episodes is based on Henning Mankell's final Wallander novel, The Troubled Man, with Linda Wallander being played by Charlotta Jonsson:

Attending a family meal at the home of his daughter Linda, Kurt Wallander is intrigued when Hakan von Enke, his son-in-law's father and a retired naval commander, is called away by an urgent phone call. It soon becomes clear that the call is related to the recovery of a body from the waters of the Stockholm archipelago - the same waters where, at the height of the Cold War, depth charges were exploded in an attempt to raise a submarine which had strayed into Swedish territorial waters. When Hakan goes missing, Wallander's investigations uncover a complicated international espionage.

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