Friday, March 08, 2013

OT: Overdrive on Kindle Fire (UK)

I've only recently discovered that UK users can now download the Overdrive App onto their Kindle Fire. I tried to do this a couple of months ago and it wasn't available but I had another look last week and it was. (Search the Kindle Fire App store for Overdrive.) This means that I can get epub ebooks via my local library and also read the epubs I bought from Kobo for my now languishing Sony eReader. (Go to Kobo, go to a title in your library and click on epub and it will prompt you whether you want to use Overdrive.)

I've not had any success with netgalley epub titles yet and I don't know if sideloading free epubs will work but this is an improvement. If only some sort of book organising function could be added as it'll surprise nobody that I have tens of books on my Kindle Fire and would love to put them into bookshelves by category...

I now have to update my spiel at work when people ask about ebooks! It may work on a  Kindle if...etc.

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