Monday, May 23, 2011

The Killing - News

Quite a bit of news about The Killing (Danish original) announced today. Firstly it won a BAFTA last night in the International category, holding off Boardwalk Empire, Glee and Mad Men.

This was followed up by news in the Bookseller that Pan MacMillan are to novelise the series:

Pan Macmillan has acquired the novelisations to Danish TV series "The Killing", shown on BBC4 in the UK this spring and which triumphed at last night’s Baftas.

Senior commissioning editor for fiction Trisha Jackson [] bought world rights following a "hotly contested auction" for the novelisations of the first two series.

Pan Macmillan plans to publish the novelisation of series one in autumn 2012, with negotiations understood to be underway with a "very well-reviewed and highly respected crime author" to write the novels from [scriptwriter Soren] Sveistrup's scripts.

Jackson said: "I knew from watching episode one that this was a book we had to have. The plotting and content are brilliant—revealing, layer by layer, countless red herrings, twists and turns and numerous possible suspects. Sarah Lund is the female detective crime fiction has been waiting for. We see The Killing being a major publishing event across the world."

But here's something you may not have seen, the results of the Euro Crime poll that ran for a week and attracted 66 votes. I lost quite a lot with the Blogger crash:

Have watched The Killing (Danish) and will watch The Killing (US)
4 (6%)
Have watched The Killing (Danish) and might watch The Killing (US)
12 (18%)
Have watched The Killing (Danish) and will not watch The Killing (US)
23 (34%)
Have not watched The Killing (Danish) but might watch The Killing (US)
4 (6%)
Am watching The Killing (US)
17 (25%)
What is The Killing!
6 (9%)

So, over a third of those who voted do not intend to watch the US remake of The Killing which in the UK, is to be shown on Channel 4 later this year.


Margot said...

I watched two episodes of the US version of The Killing but couldn't bear any more after the glorious Danish version. It's seldom that a copy is as good as the original and I wish that U.S. film producers would realize this.

kathy d. said...

I would like to watch The Killing, Danish version, but don't think I can get it in the States. Is this so?

I am riveted to the U.S. version, of course. Great character of Sara Linden.

I am awaiting the U.S. version of Prime Suspect, starring Mario Bello, but don't know if anyone can compete with the great Helen Mirren.

Margot said...

A friend who lives in the U.K. sent it to me but I think it's available as a torrent somewhere. Good luck -- it's well worth the search!