Friday, May 27, 2011

International Dagger 2011 - Polls

As has become traditional, I have now set up two polls relating to the International Dagger. They will close on 20 July 12:00 am. The announcement of the winner of the International Dagger 2011 will be made on 22 July at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival.

The first poll is for:

Which book do you want to win.

The second poll is for:

Which book do you think will win.

The polls can be found on the RHS of the blog. We'll see how much correlation there is between the two polls - and you can see the results of last year's polls here.

Apologies: The Camilleri is of course The Wings of the Sphinx, no idea why I wrote Phoenix! (twice!!) Now the poll has been voted on I cannot correct it.


kathy d. said...

Just a typo: Camilleri's book is "Wings of the Sphinx."

Sorry, but I proofread.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Aargh. I've had such problems with that title - I cannot remember it properly. I'll have to leave it now as people have voted. How annoying!

Maxine Clarke said...

I kept typing Phoenix, too, in my review....but it would not have worked for the plot ;-)

kathy d. said...

Yes, Phoenix wouldn't have worked for the plot. The Sphinx has a very specific meaning here.

However, the error is very understandable and a witty one, at that.

Just finished aforementioned book. Enjoyed it, spent the day in Sicily with Montalbano, laughing away. The problem is I am tempted to just go on a roll and read all of Camilleri's books now but I must fulfill various challenges, read the Dagger shortlist and stay global -- beyond Italy. But it is so tempting.