Monday, May 16, 2011

International Dagger 2011 - Shortlist Speculation

The shortlist for the CWA International Dagger will be announced on Friday. I have permission to exclusively reveal that there will be 7 titles shortlisted rather than the usual 6. So can you predict what they will be? Do please leave your selections, from the list below, in the comments box.
Jussi Adler-Olsen - Mercy
Boris Akunin - He Lover of Death
Esmahan Aykol - Hotel Bosphorus
Roberto Bolano - The Skating Rink
Fabrice Bourland - The Baker Street Phantom
Fabrice Bourland - The Dream Killer of Paris
Andrea Camilleri - The Wings of the Sphinx
Massimo Carlotto - Bandit Love
Donato Carrisi - The Whisperer
Camilla Ceder - Frozen Moment
Alfredo Colitto - Inquisition
Pablo de Santis - Voltaire's Calligrapher
Tom Egeland - Relic
Giorgio Faletti - I Kill
Sebastian Fitzek - Splinter
Karin Fossum - Bad Intentions
Claudie Gallay - The Breakers
Sissel-Jo Gazan - The Dinosaur Feather
Michele Giuttari - A Death in Calabria
Anne Holt - 1222
Arnaldur Indridason - Operation Napoleon
Claude Izner - The Predator of Batignolles
Mari Jungstedt - The Dead of Summer
Lars Kepler - The Hypnotist
Hans-Werner Kettenbach -The Stronger Sex
Marek Krajewski - Phantoms of Breslau
Camilla Lackberg - The Gallows Bird
Ernesto Mallo - Needle in a Haystack
Henning Mankell - The Troubled Man
Dacia Maraini - Train to Budapest
Liza Marklund - Red Wolf
Jo Nesbo - The Leopard
Hakan Nesser - The Inspector and Silence
Jean-Francois Parot - The Saint-Florentin Murders
Alessandro Perissinotto - Blood Sisters
Leif GW Persson - Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End
Luis Miguel Rocha - The Holy Assassin (apa The Holy Bullet)
Roslund-Hellstrom - Three Seconds
Andrea Maria Schenkel - Bunker
Bernhard Schlink - The Gordian Knot
Yrsa Sigurdardottir - Ashes to Dust
Pierre Siniac - The Collaborators
Teresa Solana - A Short Cut to Paradise
Didier van Cauwelaert's - Unknown (apa Out of My Head)
Simone van der Vlugt - Shadow Sister
Valerio Varesi - River of Shadows
Fred Vargas - An Uncertain Place
Esther Verhoef - Rendezvous
Domingo Villar - Death on a Galician Shore
Shuichi Yoshida - Villain
Jan Costin Wagner - Silence


Uriah Robinson said...

An anonymous source tells me you might have had the correct translator first time round.

My seven choices are:

Mercy: Jussi Adler-Olsen*
Three Seconds: Roslund-Hellstrom
An Uncertain Place: Fred Vargas
Needle in Haystack: Ernesto Mallo
The Leopard: Jo Nesbo
Death on a Galician Shore: Domingo Villar
Phantoms of Breslau: Marek Krajewski

*[I have only just started reading this one but Maxine has recommended it as being like Sjowall and Wahloo]

That would be a nice geographic spread, but I suspect the judges will include The Troubled Man-Henning Mankell or Frozen Moment-Camilla Ceder, which I haven't read yet.

Bernadette said...

Having only read 6 of the eligible list (less than a third of which have been relesed in Oz) I don't feel able to make a prediction but of those I've read I think

RED WOLF, Liza Marklund
VILLAIN, Suichi Yoshida

should be in the mix.

Anonymous said...

Karen I have only read nine on the list. I don't qualify to make a prediction.
From the ones I read my favourites are:
- An Uncertain Place, Fred Vargas.
- Needle in a Haystack, Ernesto Mallo.
- The Leopard, Jo Nesbo.
- Death on a Galician Shore, Domingo Villar.
- The Wings of the Sphinx, Andrea Camilleri.
I'm expecting to receive Jussi Adler-Olsen's Mercy any time soon and I plan to read soon Hakan Nesser's The Inspector and Silence. Most of them if not all should be in the shortlist.

Maxine Clarke said...

Of the ones I have read (a fair few but not all!) my personal vote goes to:

Frozen Moment
Red Wolf
The Troubled Man
Death on a Galician Shore
Needle in a Haystack
The Dead of Summer

But this is a personal choice, there are a few on the list that I think more likely to get on the shortlist than my own personal favourites.

Simon Clarke said...

I have read most of the eligible
titles-- I would guess

Mercy-Jussi Adler-Olsen
Frozen Moment-Camilla Ceder
The Troubled Man-Henning Mankell
3 Seconds-Roslund/Hellstrom
An Uncertain Place-Fred Vargas
Death on a Gallican Shore-
Domingo Villar
Villain--Shuichi Yoshida