Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Jar City on BBC4

Much to the amusement of my work colleagues, I let a little squeak of delight out when I saw that BBC4 is showing Jar City, the film based on Arnaldur Indridason's novel (aka Tainted Blood).

It will be on Sunday at 10pm and is repeated next Wednesday.
Icelandic thriller. Investigating the murder of an old man, Police Detective Erlendur find clues linking it to the mysterious death of a child in 1974 but struggles to find the link. Meanwhile, Orn, a man distraught at the death of his young daughter, uses the national genetics database to find out why she died.

Next week, is Iceland week on BBC4 and as well as Jar City it is also showing The Night Shift, an Icelandic comedy and also Julia Bradbury's Iceland Walk. There is also a repeat of the Time Shift: Nordic Noir programme.


Maxine Clarke said...

I wish it were possible to get hold of the film "Rekjavik noir" (sorry about spelling), scripted by Arnaldur Indridason. I've never managed to find it available (English subtitles).

Barb P. said...

you are so lucky to live in a country that broadcasts these great programs on television. I can't even find them to buy on dvd in the U.S.

Unknown said...

I have found many Eurocrime series and films (including Jar City)for sale by Daaveedee in USA. The site has great search facilities for narrowing down choices - eg just Swedish films. He also offers free postage (and fast delivery) to Australia (and probably everywhere else in the world).

Roger Cornwell said...

Thanks for this: Having watched Vera on ITV1 I didn't channel hop and stayed to watch The Pitman Painters, and cursed when I discovered this had been on and would have nicely slotted in (after all, Ann is an honorary Nordic writer, isn't she?). So I'll be setting the video for 1am Wednesday.

Potential Gotcha: If you intend to watch this in real time, bear in mind that you may think of this as Tuesday Night. That's where it appears in the schedules.