Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crime Fest Quiz 2011

We were lucky enough to have Martin Edwards join our Friend Feeders team (aka the International Bloggers) at the Crime Fest 2011 quiz last Thursday.

As well as Martin and myself from the UK the team included Danish blogger Dorte and Australian blogger Kerrie and their husbands (not shown!).

Though the questions set by Peter Guttridge were incredibly hard and/or obscure I knew that with Martin involved we had a good chance of repeating the 2010 win and he we did.

Kerrie, Dorte, Me with Martin standing-up.

The prize was 3 bags of books and audio-books which have found good homes.


Maxine Clarke said...

"He we did", Ha!! What was in your haul from the book bags? Martin Edwards's latest, possibly?

Dorte H said...

He did, Maxine. I did get a point or two, but I should also have had three minus points because they asked what the oldest crime (short) story in the world was, and Martin thought it was from Denmark. But I couldn´t even remember that it was Blicher´s The Rector of Veilbye (which I reviewed in April). I find it quite hard to get over that ;(

Ali Karim said...

well done, that's 3 years in a row if my spleep deprived mind is correct!