Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Severn House on Twitter

Severn House publishers have recently joined twitter at #severnhouse and have recently tweeted the following nuggets regarding Paul Doherty and Paul Johnston:
Acclaimed historical crime writer Paul Doherty has signed up 2 write 2 new Athelstan medieval mysteries for our new Creme imprint!
Pleased to say we've signed 2 new novels in the Alex Mavros series, the award-winning Greek-based detective series by Paul Johnston
Paul Johnston's Alex Mavros series (of three books) was re-published by MIRA in 2009.

I will post more about the new Creme list soon.


Anonymous said...

Karen - This is good to know - Thanks!

Unknown said...

Awesome on both counts. Love these authors and characters any ideas when we might see them?