Thursday, February 19, 2009

Publishing Deal - Eliza Graham

Maxine pointed this one out in the addictive crime fiction FriendFeed room. From the Bookseller:

Pan Macmillan has acquired the rights to a further two novels by Eliza Graham. Will Atkins, founding editor of Macmillan New Writing, bought world rights from Graham herself for "a good five figure advance".

Her new novel is provisionally called Jubilee, and will be published in Pan paperback in May 2010. The title is about the disappearance of a child and takes place in England, with the period spanning from the Queen's Coronation to her Golden Jubilee.

The second book is as yet untitled, but has been scheduled for publication in October 2011.
Eliza Graham's blog is Staring Out of the Window and she wrote on the 15th January:
I'm really delighted to announce that Pan Macmillan has contracted me to write two further books. The first, provisionally entitled JUBILEE, is about the disappearance of a girl from a Silver Jubilee party in a chocolate-box pretty village 1977 and how this mystery relates to less than chocolate-box pretty events occuring in her farming family decades earlier.

I have no idea what the second one will be about though I did have an idea when we up in Scotland on a long family walk through a very icy, very beautiful copse beside an almost frozen Highland river.

JUBILEE has to be completed by the end of May. I have set myself the task of writing at least one thousand words every working day.

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Thanks for the extra info - I'll have to read one of these, they sound good.