Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Graham Hurley on Front Row tonight

According to the Front Row newsletter, tonight's programme will have an interview with Graham Hurley author of the Joe Faraday series:
For Wednesday's programme, John Wilson recorded what's probably our highest ever author interview - 100 metres above Portsmouth harbour, in the Spinnaker Tower, with crime writer Graham Hurley, whose books unfold on the streets below.

There'll also be a review of James McAvoy, star of the film Atonement, on stage in the play Three Days of Rain.
Front Row goes out on Radio 4 at 7.15pm and you can listen again for seven days.

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Anonymous said...

Cathy and I have tickets for that James McAvoy play - it was reviewed in today's Times but lukewarm. He was said to be rather nervous and too film-starry. Huh, how unnecessarily grudging, I imagine.