Thursday, February 05, 2009

Butterflies and Glass Jars

Avon will be publishing Laura Lippman's latest book, Life Sentences, next month in the UK.

The cover seems familiar but the nearest I can pin it down to are The Killing Jar by Nicola Monaghan and Weaving Shadows by Margaret Murphy.

Update: As suggested by Fiona

Added Dec. 2012


Dorte H said...

Karen, I really like these posts of yours :)
I prefer the ones where the butterflies have a chance of escaping, though. No need to hold innocent butterflies hostage just because you want to write a crime novel, is there?

Anonymous said...

I had exactly the same feeling when I saw it but I thought of Helpless by Barbara Gowdy. The cover for the Hardcover version is very similar.


avisannschild said...

Karen, I posted about
similar "butterfly in a jar" covers and then came across your post and realized that between the two of us, we've found an exact match (for the Laura Lippman cover). I hope you don't mind that I added it to my post (and linked to you, obviously). I'm also fascinated by this phenomenon of reusing the same images on multiple books (or very similar images).

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Yours are great "copy cat" covers!

I spotted this one yesterday coincidentally, another jar one, but I've not added it (yet): Picoult's 19 Minutes.

avisannschild said...

Thanks, Karen. It's amazing how many covers use this similar image, for very different books, too!