Sunday, December 23, 2007

Move over Trivial Pursuit (last minute present idea)

I don't know how the passed me by but I just found a mention in the Bath Literature Festival programme of a new board game called 'Bookchase'.

From the official site:

"Bookchase® is a board game about books. Important books & trivial books. Classic works and wonderful ideas for children. If it has been written & has any kind of relevance, you might find it in Bookchase®. Questions can be about anything - what pencil someone used to write with, to the name of an author's cat. From Homer to Horowitz, Proust to Pilkey, Dahl to Dickens, Nursery Rhymes to Crime fiction - all kinds of books and writing are here.

Who's qualified to play? Anyone! Never read a book - you could still win. Read all the best books in the world - you could still lose. Where's the fun if you knew who would win at the start and who's to say what might happen in the new, classic, fun, board game of chance and skill.

Bookchase® draws on the huge diversity of thought and ideas since human beings first figured out how to write and think - ...but at the end of the day -it is still just a board game. Have fun. We have making it. The Bookchase® Team"

Also there are "1200 multiple-choice questions in 6 exciting categories - Children & Fun, Crime & Thrillers, Plays & Poetry, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Travel Adventure, Classics & Modern".

And from next year you'll be able to submit your own questions online.

RRP is c. £30.

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