Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Le Serpent uncoils in the UK

French thriller, The Serpent, opens in the UK on 14th September.

Opportunistic thug Plender (Clovis Cornillac) has a near-failsafe money-making system. Identify a weak, wealthy, married target. Send in a gorgeous girl. Get photos. Demand payment. But when Plender catches up with an old schoolmate made good, fashion photographer Vincent (Yvan Attal), the scale of his operation suddenly expands - as does the extent of the damage done. Because the two men have a history, and - at least the way Plender sees it - there's a considerable debt to be paid... Based on the British novel Plender, by Ted Lewis, this dark-hued tale of blackmail, guilt and vengeance is as sinuous and twisty as its title suggests.(taken from the Edinburgh festival website)

Visit the official French website and click on 'Bande Annonce' to watch the trailer. You can also read an interview with one of the stars, Olga Kurylenko, here.

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