Thursday, September 06, 2007

and more from Colin Cotterill

From today's Publisher's Lunch:
Colin Cotterill's sixth and seventh "Dr. Siri" novels, featuring the septuagenarian Laotian state coroner introduced in THE CORONER'S LUNCH, to Laura Hruska at Soho Crime, by Richard Curtis of Richard Curtis Associates (NA).

Foreign rights to the series to Albin Michel in France, Quercus in the UK; Text Publishing in Australia; Fanucci Editore in Italy; Sony Magazines in Japan; and Goldmann in Germany, by Danny Baror of Baror International.

Canadian rights to Knopf Canada, by Soho Crime.
This refers to the sixth and seventh titles. There's four titles already out there, though we're lagging behind a bit in the UK, but Quercus are helping us to catch up. So what's the fifth?

Maxine Clarke recently reviewed for Euro Crime, the first in the series, The Coroner's Lunch and wrote:
I was lost in admiration at this wonderful book: for the convincing and sympathetic portrait of a man and his little circle of friends and their lives; and for the exciting and clever dramas that, in the end, come to a completely satisfying conclusion, even solving a mystery very personal to Siri himself as well as making neat, barbed little points about how the regime is undermining any semblance of the values its constant propaganda asserts.

Colin Cotterill is an extremely talented author who, by his lightness of touch and his simple, direct writing style, draws the reader in totally to a complex, many-layered world. The book is so full of beautiful little touches and nuances that you cannot fail to be won over. I'm very glad indeed I read this superb book, and I urge you to do so as well.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for so kindly quoting from my review!
Indeed, a wonderful book. My husband has just read it, and he loved it too, though not usually a crime fiction reader.
I am just so thrilled to read the author has written seven books -- what joys are in store. Where do I have to go to buy them?