Monday, September 03, 2007

New translated authors to look out for in 2008 (1)

The number of European authors being translated into English continues apace. The Bookseller reports on a new acquisition by Arcadia:
Blue-Water Eyes, the first instalment in Domingo Villar’s Inspector Caldas mystery series, will be published in March 2008, with a translation by Martín Schifino. World English rights were acquired from Joachim De Nys at Argentine agency Guillermo Schavelzon & Asociados. Set in the author’s native Galicia, Blue-Water Eyes has Caldas investigating the death of a young saxophonist.
In fact the synopsis is now on the Arcadia site, where you can also see the cover:
Amid the aroma of the sea and the Galician pines, a young saxophonist is found dead in his swanky flat overlooking the beach. The murder seems to have taken place after a sexual encounter with a lover: there are two glasses filled with whiskey in the living room, and the dead man, Luis Reigosa, is tied by the wrists to the headboard of the bed. But the way he was killed makes it impossible to obtain any more clues about his activities that night: his thighs, stomach and groin are horribly burned, and his genitals look hideously like a toasted cashew. The unusually cold-blooded and cruel murder is assigned to Leo Caldas, a disheartened police inspector still searching for his place in the world. The case unfolds between inviting nights at the jazz clubs and the tense, affected atmosphere of upper class Vigo.

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Uriah Robinson said...

Galicia is an interesting site for crime fiction. I remember the signs scawled on walls in English "This is not Spain freedom for Galicia."