Monday, September 03, 2007

Crime Time goes digital

The latest issue of Crime Time magazine, no. 51, is now available to download as a pdf or to view 'page by page' or you can order a print on demand copy at a very reasonable tariff. This is what it says on their website:

Crime Time 51 - Time for a Change
After 50 glorious issues Crime Time Magazine is leaping feet first into the era of instant digital access.
No more waiting anxiously on your doorstep for that postman.
And no more charges.
To read Crime Time 51 straightaway you can download the full, unexpurgated version (10mb) as a pdf file here: DOWNLOAD PDF

Or, view it in a 'flippable' page by page format here!: VIEW PAGE BY PAGE
(note this is still in beta testing stage so may well improve over time)

Of course you may still crave a hard copy (and why not?) If so, you can still order copies from us - just follow this link to our sister site bookshop London Books, and we will print to order. Individual copies will cost £5 inc P&P for the UK, £7 inc P&P for the rest of the world: ORDER CRIME TIME 51

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