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Also Published As (revisited)

A few years ago I published a list of alternative titles for recent books. I've now increased the age range to books in the last ten years which have alternative titles. Usually the UK title is first with the US title in brackets, but not always.

Published from 2006 to date

Will Adams - The Exodus Quest (apa The Moses Quest) 2008
Jussi Adler-Olsen - Mercy (apa The Keeper of Lost Causes) 2011
Jussi Adler-Olsen - Disgrace (apa The Absent One) 2012
Jussi Adler-Olsen - Guilt (apa The Purity of Vengeance) 2013
Jussi Adler-Olsen - Redemption (apa A Conspiracy of Faith) 2013
Jussi Adler-Olsen - Buried (apa The Marco Effect) 2015
Boris Akunin - Pelagia and the White Bulldog (apa Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog) 2006
Karin Alvtegen - Shame (apa Sacrifice) 2006
Niccolo Ammaniti - The Crossroads (apa As God Commands) 2009
Sam Baker - This Year's Model (apa Deadly Beautiful) 2008
Ray Banks - Donkey Punch (apa Sucker Punch) 2007
Jean-Luc Bannalec - Death in Pont-Aven (apa Death in Brittany) 2014
Sam Barone - Quest for Honour (apa Conflict of Empires) 2010
Jefferson Bass - The Bones of Avignon (apa The Inquisitor's Key) 2012
Quentin Bates - Frozen Out (apa Frozen Assets) 2011
M C Beaton - Love, Lies and Liquor (apa Agatha Raisin and Love, Lies and Liquor) 2006
M C Beaton - Agatha Raisin and a Spoonful of Poison (apa A Spoonful of Poison) 2008
M C Beaton - Death of a Chimney Sweep (apa Death of a Sweep) 2011
M C Beaton - The Blood of an Englishman (apa Agatha Raisin and the Blood of an Englishman) 2014
Tonino Benacquista - Badfellas (apa Malavita) 2010
Mark Billingham - Good as Dead (apa The Demands) 2011
Sara Blaedel - Call Me Princess (apa Blue Blood) 2011
Robin Blake - The Scrivener (apa The Hidden Man) 2015
Anna Blundy - Neat Vodka (apa Vodka Neat) 2006
Anna Blundy - Double Shot (apa Breaking Faith) 2008
Sharon Bolton - Like This, For Ever (apa Lost) 2013
Gyles Brandreth - Oscar Wilde and the Candlelight Murders (apa Oscar Wilde and a Death of No Importance) 2007
Gyles Brandreth - Oscar Wilde and the Ring of Death (apa Oscar Wilde and a Game Called Murder) 2008
Gyles Brandreth - Oscar Wilde and the Nest of Vipers (apa Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders) 2010
Jorgen Brekke - Where Evil Lies (apa Where Monsters Dwell) 2014
Andrew Britton - Heart of Betrayal (apa The American) 2006
Nick Brownlee - Burn (apa Blood and Fire) 2009
Tom Cain - The Survivor (apa No Survivors) 2008
Karen Charlton - The Missing Heiress (apa The Heiress of Linn Hagh) 2012
Michael Collins - The Secret Life of E.Robert Pendleton (apa Death of a Writer) 2006
Alex Connor - The Rembrandt Secret (apa The Other Rembrandt) 2011
Alex Connor - Legacy of Blood (apa The Hogarth Conspiracy) 2012
N J Cooper - A Greater Evil (apa Evil is Done) 2007
James Craig - Never Apologise, Never Explain (apa Time of Death) 2012
James Craig - The Circus (apa The Criminals We Deserve) 2013
Richard Crompton - The Honey Guide (apa Hour of the Red God) 2013
Howard Cunnell - The Sea on Fire (apa Marine Boy) 2012
Arne Dahl - Misterioso (apa The Blinded Man) 2011
Anna Dean - A Moment of Silence (apa Bellfield Hall) 2008
Ruth/R S Downie - Medicus and the Disappearing Dancing Girls (apa Ruso and the Disappearing Dancing Girls & Medicus) 2006
Ruth/R S Downie - Ruso and the Demented Doctor (apa Terra Incognita) 2008
Ruth/R S Downie - Ruso and the Root of All Evils (apa Persona Non Grata) 2009
Ruth/R S Downie - Ruso and the River of Darkness (apa Caveat Emptor) 2010
Matthew Dunn - Spartan (apa The Spycatcher) 2011
Jeremy Duns - Free Country (apa Song of Treason) 2010
Sam Eastland - The Red Coffin (apa Shadow Pass) 2011
Sam Eastland - Siberian Red (apa Archive 17) 2012
Gordon Ferris - An Unquiet Heart (apa The Unquiet Heart) 2008
Jasper Fforde - First Among Sequels (apa Thursday Next: First Among Sequels) 2007
Conor Fitzgerald - The Memory Key (apa The Memory Theatre) 2013
Judith Flanders - Writers' Block (apa A Murder of Magpies) 2014
Karin Fossum - In the Darkness (apa Eva's Eye) 2012
Ariana Franklin - The Serpent's Tale (apa The Death Maze (UK)) 2008
Ariana Franklin - Grave Goods (apa Relics of the Dead (UK)) 2009
Ariana Franklin - A Murderous Procession (apa The Assassin's Prayer (UK)) 2010
Nicci French - Complicit (apa The Other Side of the Door) 2010
Christopher Galt - Biblical (apa The Third Testament) 2014
Brent Ghelfi - Volk's Shadow (apa Shadow of the Wolf) 2008
David Gibbins - The Lost Tomb (apa The Last Gospel) 2008
Juan Gomez-Jurado - Contract with God (apa The Moses Expedition) 2009
J G Goodhind - Menu for Murder (apa Killing Jane Austen) 2009
Christopher/C W) Gortner - The Tudor Secret (apa The Secret Lion) 2011
Ann Granger - A Rare Interest in Corpses (apa The Companion) 2006
Allan Guthrie - Hard Man (apa Bad Men) 2007
Penny Hancock - Tideline (apa Kept in the Dark) 2012
Sophie Hannah - Hurting Distance (apa The Truth-Teller's Lie) 2007
Sophie Hannah - The Point of Rescue (apa The Wrong Mother) 2008
Sophie Hannah - The Other Half Lives (apa The Dead Lie Down) 2009
Sophie Hannah - A Room Swept White (apa The Cradle in the Grave) 2010
Sophie Hannah - Lasting Damage (apa The Other Woman's House) 2011
Robert Harris - The Ghost (apa The Ghost Writer) 2007
Cora Harrison - Michaelmas Tribute (apa A Secret and Unlawful Killing) 2008
Reginald Hill - The Death of Dalziel (apa Death Comes for the Fat Man) 2007
Reginald Hill - A Cure for All Diseases (apa The Price of Butcher's Meat) 2008
Casey Hill - Torn (apa Inferno) 2012
Hjorth-Rosenfeldt - Sebastian Bergman (apa Dark Secrets) 2012
Hazel Holt - A Death in the Family (apa Mrs Malory and a Death in the Family) 2006
Anne Holt - Punishment (apa What Is Mine) 2006
Anne Holt - The Final Murder (apa What Never Happens) 2007
Hazel Holt - Time to Die (apa Mrs Malory and A Time To Die) 2008
Hazel Holt - Any Man's Death (apa Mrs Malory and Any Man's Death) 2009
Anne Holt - Blind Goddess (apa The Blind Goddess) 2012
Hazel Holt - A Necessary End (apa Mrs Malory and a Necessary End) 2012
William Horwood & Helen Rappaport - Dark Hearts of Chicago (apa City of Dark Hearts by James Conan) 2007
Declan Hughes - The Color of Blood (apa The Colour of Blood) 2007
Declan Hughes - The Price of Blood (apa The Dying Breed) 2008
Claude Izner - The Pere-Lachaise Mystery (apa The Disappearance at Pere-Lachaise) 2007
Claude Izner - The Marais Assassin (apa The Assassin in the Marais) 2009
Diane Janes - Why Don't You Come for Me? (apa Why Didn't You Come For Me?) 2011
Chris Morgan Jones - An Agent of Deceit (apa The Silent Oligarch) 2011
Mari Jungstedt - The Inner Circle (apa Unknown) 2008
J G Jurado - The Tipping Point (apa Point of Balance) 2014
Mons Kallentoft - Midwinter Sacrifice (apa Midwinter Blood) 2011
Mons Kallentoft - Summertime Death (apa Summer Death) 2012
Robert Karjel - My name is N (apa The Swede) 2015
Emma Kavanagh - Falling (apa After We Fall (US)) 2014
Erin Kelly - The Sick Rose (apa The Dark Rose) 2011
Christobel Kent - A Time of Mourning (apa The Drowning River) 2009
Christobel Kent - A Fine and Private Place (apa Murder in Tuscany) 2010
Tom Knox - Bible of the Dead (apa The Lost Goddess) 2011
Camilla Lackberg - The Gallows Bird (apa The Stranger) 2011
Jens Lapidus - Never F*ck Up (apa Never Screw Up) 2013
Asa Larsson - Sun Storm (apa The Savage Altar) 2006
Simon Lelic - Rupture (apa A Thousand Cuts) 2010
Giulio Leoni - The Third Heaven Conspiracy (apa The Mosaic Crimes) 2007
Stuart MacBride - Broken Skin (apa Bloodshot) 2007
Scott Mariani - The Fulcanelli Manuscript (apa The Alchemist's Secret) 2007
Scott Mariani - The Doomsday Prophecy (apa The Hope Vendetta) 2009
Nigel McCrery - Still Waters (apa Core of Evil) 2007
James McGee - Ratcatcher (apa Hawkwood) 2006
Brian McGilloway - Hurt (apa Someone You Know) 2013
Hope McIntyre - How to Cook for a Ghost (apa Killer Date) 2008
Sophie McKenzie - Trust in Me (apa You Can Trust Me) 2014
The Medieval Murderers - Sword of Shame (apa The Sword of Shame) 2006
Mark Mills - House of the Hanged (apa House of the Hunted) 2011
Denise Mina - The Last Breath (apa Slip of the Knife) 2007
Graham Moore - The Sherlockian (apa The Holmes Affair) 2010
R N Morris - A Gentle Axe (apa The Gentle Axe) 2007
John Mortimer - The Anti-Social Behaviour of Horace Rumpole (apa Rumpole Misbehaves) 2007
Hakan Nesser - Mind's Eye (apa The Mind's Eye) 2008
Hakan Nesser - The Unlucky Lottery (apa Munster's Case) 2011
Nele Neuhaus - Bad Wolf (apa Big Bad Wolf) 2014
Stuart Neville - The Twelve (apa The Ghosts of Belfast) 2009
Andrew Nugent - Second Burial for a Black Prince (apa Second Burial) 2006
Caro Peacock - Death at Dawn (apa A Foreign Affair) 2007
Caro Peacock - Death of a Dancer (apa A Dangerous Affair) 2008
Caro Peacock-  A Corpse in Shining Armour (apa A Family Affair) 2009
Anne Perry - Betrayal at Lisson Grove (apa Treason at Lisson Grove) 2010
Karen Perry - The Boy That Never Was (apa The Innocent Sleep) 2014
Leif GW Persson - Falling Freely, As If In a Dream (apa Free Falling, As If In a Dream) 2014
Matt Benyon Rees - The Collaborator of Bethlehem (apa The Bethlehem Murders) 2007
Matt Benyon Rees - A Grave in Gaza (apa The Saladin Murders) 2008
Ruth Rendell - The St Zita Society (apa The Saint Zita Society) 2012
Michael Ridpath - 66 Degrees North (apa Far North) 2011
Luis Miguel Rocha - The Holy Bullet (apa The Holy Assassin) 2009
Roslund & Hellstrom - The Vault (apa Box 21) 2008
William Ryan - The Bloody Meadow (apa The Darkening Field) 2011
Ian Sansom - The Mobile Library : The Delegates' Choice (apa The Book Stops Here) 2008
Manda Scott - The Crystal Skull (apa 2012 The Crystal Skull) 2008
Manda Scott - The Fire of Rome (apa The Emperor's Spy) 2010
William Shaw - A Song from Dead Lips (apa She's Leaving Home) 2013
Lynn Shepherd - Tom-All-Alone's (apa The Solitary House) 2012
Lynn Shepherd - A Treacherous Likeness (apa A Fatal Likeness) 2013
Jeffrey Siger - Prey on Patmos (apa An Aegean Prophecy) 2011
Alexander McCall Smith - The Comfort of Saturdays (apa The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday) 2008
Alexander McCall Smith - Precious and the Monkeys (apa The Great Cake Mystery) 2011
Mehmet Murat Somer - The Serenity Murders (apa The Wig Murders) 2012
Lyndon Stacey - Six to One Against (apa Time to Pay) 2006
Michael Stanley - A Deadly Trade (apa The Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu) 2010
Sara Stockbridge - Hammer (apa The Fortunes of Grace Hammer) 2009
William Sutton - The Worms of Euston Square (apa Lawless & the Devil of Euston Square (2013)) 2006
Andrew Swanston - The King's Spy (apa The King's Codebreaker as Andrew Douglas in 2010) 2012
Frank Tallis - Darkness Rising (apa Vienna Secrets) 2009
Frank Tallis - Deadly Communion (apa Vienna Twilight) 2010
Brian Thompson - The Captain's Table (apa The Sailor's Ransom) 2009
Simon Toyne - Solomon Creed (apa The Searcher) 2015
Martin Walker - Children of War (apa The Children Return) 2014
Kit Whitfield - Bareback (apa Benighted) 2006
Laura Wilson - Stratton's War (apa The Innocent Spy) 2008
Robert Wilton - The Emperor's Gold (apa Treason's Tide) 2011
Patrick Woodhead - The Cloud Maker (apa The Forbidden Temple) 2009
Felicity Young - A Dissection of Murder (apa The Anatomy of Death) 2012
Juli Zeh - Dark Matter (apa In Free Fall) 2010

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