Saturday, December 04, 2010

Wallander on BBC4

I mentioned recently that BBC4 will be showing some of the Swedish Wallander episodes starring Rolf Lassgard. Well the first one, The Man Who Smiled, is now scheduled for 11 December at 9.30pm:
Thriller based on Henning Mankell's novel. Detective Superintendent Kurt Wallander receives a plea for help from an old friend, who suspects that the death of his father might have involved foul play. But Wallander doesn't believe him until it's too late.


Uriah Robinson said...

Thanks Karen for the info.

kathy d. said...

Any luck it'll cross the pond?

Carlo Vennarucci said...

Will the Rolf Lassgard Wallender movies be sold on DVD?

Will BBC4 stream this movie from its website?