Friday, June 18, 2010

Gone to the Dogs

As a change from cat-related mysteries, here are a couple of new books which feature dogs in prominent roles - not talking ones though:

No Going Back by Lyndon Stacey, published March 2010

The first in an exciting new mystery series featuring ex-police dog handler Charlie Whelan -

When two young sisters run away on Dartmoor, Charlie Whelan and his German shepherd, Taz, are called into action, and a desperate search quickly turns up one of the girls. However, rather than showing relief at being rescued, she seems terrified. Darkness halts their hunt for her elder sister, and Charlie returns home with one distressing question on his mind: just what were the girls running from?

Into Darkness by Johnathan Lewis, to be published 16 September 2010.

In the stinking mud of a great tidal river, a body lies half submerged. Sir Tommy Best, adored British actor, has fallen to his death through a hole in the walkway above. The saintly Sir Tommy was friend to the starving and penniless, to kings and stars. He was also totally blind and reliant on his brilliant guide dog, Suzy. But she is nowhere to be found. It seems unimaginable that Suzy would have led him into danger, so is it murder? And where is she? When she finally turns up, it is only to deepen the mystery. She is stressed and tense and soon Chief Superintendent 'Fatso' and Detective Chief Inspector Ned realise that only one person in the force can possibly help. Kate, police dog handler extraordinaire, known affectionately as the Dog Tart, suggests they find Nick Parsons, who trained Suzy, in the hope that he can get the dog to lead them to the truth. The search for Nick Parsons culminates in a highly unusual plan, in which Ned will become blind for one night and with Suzy the guide dog, re-enact Sir Tommy Best's last fateful walk. The truth which they uncover is utterly horrible.


Book Bird Dog said...

I am a great fan of dog mysteries (not the talking kind) and am happy to find these new mysteries. Some of my favorite dog mystery writers are Susan Conant with her malamutes Kimmie and Rowdy, the late Virginia Lanier and her bloodhound mysteries, and several cozy series featuring assorted pets, pet vets, and pet sitters. Conant and Lanier I consider more classic in the dog mystery category though.

kathy d. said...

Yes, love Susan Conant mysteries and David Rosenfeldt who has Golden Retrievers in his books, with one featuring a Bernease Mountain dog. (In his books and his real life, he and his character set up dog rescues.) They don't talk though, fine by me.

I need a bit of reality in my books; talking animals are a bit off but love them included.

kathy d. said...

Also, like the "No Going Back" cover, except for the shadow of the title below it. Looking at the two sets of words gave me an instant headache. It would have been fine with just one title written out.

Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today. Thanks for the review - I'm always looking for a new read.
Cozy In Texas

Helen Ginger said...

They both sound great. It'd be difficult to decide which one to get first. I like animals (esp dogs) in books, but not so much the talking ones or even the ones where we read their thoughts.

Lauren said...

I wasn't listening closely enough to get the title, but there was a crime novel with sheep as the investigators reviewed on German radio today! Must track this down further...baaaa!

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Lauren - that may well be Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann.

Lauren said...

Thanks Karen - indeed it was Swann (I will avoid the obvious animal pun), who has just published a sequel over here, called "Garou". Sounds alarming for the sheep!