Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nordic Noir films at ScreenLit

As part of the ScreenLit festival in Nottingham, there will be a Nordic Noir film track. It sounds fabulous and I wish I could go but work and visitors means I'm indisposed.

The programme includes films based on books by Arnaldur Indridason, Karin Fossum, Gunnar Staalesen and Sjöwall & Wahlöö and of course The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Plus a talk by Barry Forshaw on his book about Stieg Larsson: The Man Who Left Too Soon and some Wallander episodes (English and Swedish). The whole programme is here and a pass to all the events is £45.


kathy d. said...

Maybe I can get a really cheap flight or sneak into a cargo plane!

They don't have these on this side of the awful.

On another topic altogether, does anyone know where to get any films of works by the mystery writer Manuel Montalban, with the Pepe Carvalho detective. A friend of mine must have these in Spanish and he's in the U.S.
Who sells them? Anyone know of a website where they might be sold?
A tv station which might show them?

This friend seriously needs them; he just watched 18 episodes of Camillieri's series on RAI TV (3 times each!) and now must have Carvalho.

Maxine said...

Sounds great! Let's just hope it gets repeated in future when it is possible to go............