Thursday, April 15, 2010

Government Crime

A couple of publishing deals have been announced for former Government employees. Today in The Bookseller:
The Interceptor by Cameron Addicott will be published in paperback on 22nd July, priced £7.99. Addicott was an investigator for HM Customs and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) for 20 years. Addicott worked with fellow undercover Customs officers in the Alpha Projects unit. He intercepted and decoded phone calls, gaining a glimpse into the private lives of notorious criminals

..."It's like a real life version of ‘The Wire' but he's talking about a 90 mile an hour chase around the M25 rather than driving through Los Angeles. Drug busts are taking place in Little Chef rather than somewhere like Boston. The fact that it's written about somewhere close to home makes it exciting."
and on Book2Book:
Rowland White, Publisher at Orion, has acquired debut thriller writer ­– and ex-MI6 field operative ­– Matthew Dunn from agent Luigi Bonomi at LBA in a substantial pre-emptive deal for three books. All three will feature Dunn's charismatic British MI6 operator Will Cochrane.

The first thriller, titled Megiddo after the codename of the book's villain, has the British spy leading a joint US/UK team hunting an Iranian terrorist mastermind before he's able to launch a devastating attack in the West. The pursuit turns out to be a great deal more personal and desperate than Cochrane could ever have imagined.

The books will be published on White's new imprint, launched next year.

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Margot Kinberg said...

Karen - Some interesting books to look forward to - thanks : ).