Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wallander Repeats on BBC4

The run of Swedish Wallander episodes was curtailed earlier this year with the remaining three episodes to appear around Christmas time. Presumably they will appear at the end of the upcoming series of repeats which begins on Wednesday 7 October at 11pm on BBC4. The first episode to be shown is Before The Frost

New policewoman Linda Wallander is waiting for her first big case at Ystad police station and her father, Inspector Kurt Wallander, is getting on her nerves. When her childhood friend Anna mysteriously disappears she is thrown in at the deep end and soon needs her father's help on a fascinating and very dangerous investigation.


Uriah Robinson said...

I might need a very kind person to remind me when the new episodes are being shown.

Dan Earney said...

Damn,i love these films so much. Wish they weren't so pricey to import from Sweden. They're going to take up a lot of room on my Sky+ box!

Joy said...

Thank you for your post. I went on holiday and expected to see the remaining episodes on return so was confused; why it had disappeared. Hurray, now can see the final episodes. Its a wonderful series and I love the story arc.