Monday, September 07, 2009

Spiral returns (at last!)

Wallander may have vanished for a few months but the very good news is that the second series of Spiral starts next Sunday.

The BBC4 website seems to be timing-out - no doubt as fans of Spiral click on it. I'll update this post when I can get through!

By my reckoning, this makes Waking the Dead, Marple, Harper's Island and Spiral all on one night...

Update: Spiral will be on BBC4 at 10pm, for 50 mins:
When a charred corpse is found in the boot of a car in the suburbs, Berthaud's police team are called to the scene along with the prosecutors Roban and Clement. So begins an investigation which forces the team into the broken, gang-ruled suburbs of Paris, and once more to the door of shady lawyer Josephine Karlsson.


Uriah Robinson said...

Spiral returns, Caroline Proust and Audrey Fleurot are back time to head for the cold shower.

Maxine Clarke said...

Definitely looking forward to this one! The site seems to be working now - a bit early for most Spiral fans perhaps? ;-)