Monday, September 21, 2009

Catch-Up with Trinity

If (like me) there was too much on last night to watch/record then you can catch the first episode of Trinity on ITV2 on Wednesday at 9pm, though it's not available on the ITV player.

You can also watch the second episode at the Trinity website before it's showing next Sunday at 10pm on ITV2.

What is Trinity? Here's the summary from the website:

Set in the gothic, oak panelled halls of residence and lecture theatres of the fictional Bridgeford University, Trinity College, the ITV2 eight part series brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "first term nerves".

For over 900 years, Trinity has been an elite playground solely for the ├╝ber rich and powerful. However, for the first time in its long and illustrious history, Trinity is about to throw open its doors to the hoi polloi!

As new girl Charlotte and her fellow students settle in, they begin to realise that all is not what it seems at Trinity.

Beneath the glamorous veneer of wealth and privilege lurks a much darker world, ruled by the mysterious Dandelion Club: a select group of over-privileged students used to getting their own way.


Maxine Clarke said...

Thanks - I wasn't sure about this and have just started to record Spiral 2 which I think was on at roughly the same time so could not record both. (I am recording Spiral 2 as I will not be able to follow it if I have to wait a week between episodes, based on plot of Spiral 1!). I might take a look on Wed, or even try to record it.....I do like Charles Dance though he usually gets cast as a baddy in the things I see him in these days. (Well, Bleak House.)

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

When I first blogged about this series, I had the impression that it was a mystery/crime related series. From the blurb I quoted I'm not so sure now!

crimeficreader said...

I watched it this afternoon. There is certainly mystery in it. Why did Charlotte's father die? What is his history with members of staff at the uni she has just started attending? Who is Dance's character answerable to behind the screen? And what project is going on behind the scenes? (That last one suggests a bit of sci-fi in it.) The trailer for epi 2 indicates quite a few people die.

There's also a Dandelion Club, much based on the Bullingdon Club, I imagine. So chuck in a bit of class warfare at the same time!

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Thanks cfr. So worth watching then?

crimeficreader said...

I'll be with it for epi 2. For me it will all depend on how sci-fi it gets! There's even a Welsh accented actor in it! (With an inappropriately named character called Maddie.)