Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Publishing Deal - Jason Webster

Press release via Book2Book for a new series set in Valencia:
Chatto & Windus ... have acquired Or the Bull Kills You - a stunning detective novel by Jason Webster, author of the acclaimed books on Spain, Duende and Sacred Sierra.

...a two-book world rights deal, together with the second book in the series featuring the flawed and wonderfully realised Chief Inspector Alfredo Crespo. Set in Valencia (where the author lives) in a world of bullfighting, drugs and corruption, Or the Bull Kills You is intelligent, gripping detective fiction, in the tradition of Michael Dibdin.

The first novel shows Crespo struggling to solve the mystery of the violent death of Spain's leading matador amidst the shifting sands of corruption in the sport and the lethal local politics of his adopted home city, Valencia.

Samuel says: 'Jason is an immensely talented young writer and we are thrilled to be publishing his first novel. European crime fiction is more popular than ever, as we have seen with the success of writers such as Henning Mankell and Donna Leon. In Or the Bull Kills You, Jason shines a light on the dark world of Spanish crime, with a hugely compelling detective, exciting plot and fantastically authentic setting.'

Chatto & Windus will publish Or the Bull Kills You in February 2011.

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