Saturday, June 20, 2009

OT: David Austin Roses Plant Centre Visit

Our other notable trip out during our time-off work was to the David Austin Roses Plant Centre at Albrighton (Wolverhampton). The roses are not only beautiful but many have that gorgeous old fashioned rose scent.

It was a wet day (again). We browsed the 'plants for sale' aisles first:


"Brother Cadfael"

and Euro Crime reviewer "Pat Austin"

then we moved on to the gardens:

Naturally after all this hard work, sustenance was needed. So famished was I, that I'd eaten half of my cake before I remembered to photograph it. The slice was huge but as it was a sponge it was very manageable (and low in fat...). My companion said his scone was one of the best he'd ever had:

We ended up buying a Queen of Sweden which has a beautiful shaped pink rose with a light scent and a Jude the Obscure which has yellow flowers with the most strong smell, lovely.


Dorte H said...

Oh, I wish I could have the scent as well.

Pat said...

Cool, I never realised I was so famous. My mother (a great lover of David Austin Roses) would be very proud.

Leigh Russell said...

How lovely it all looks.

Igor said...

I would like to go there ..