Tuesday, June 09, 2009

International Dagger - Poll(s)

Following on from the announcement of the shortlist for the International Dagger, Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise has set up a poll for you to register (anonymously) which ones you've read.

I've now set up a poll (top right of the blog) to see which book, people think will win. I've set it to close on 14 July, the day before the official announcement, so there's some time left to catch up on one's reading.

Please do vote in both polls.


Anonymous said...

I voted for the one I'd like to win, not the one I think will win. Time will tell ;-).

Kenneth said...

I also voted for the one I hope wins (Nesbo's Redeemer) not the one I think will win (Larssen's The Girl Who...). I very much enjoyed Larssen's first, but found The Girl to follow too rigidly the formula and structure of "Dragon Tattoo". I've read two Nesbo's, not Redeemed, enjoyed them both as stand-alones, and look for ward to two others currently available here (USA). Ken

fiona said...

think? alvtegen

want to? theorin or nesbo!

Dorte H said...

I voted for the one I think will win which is NOT the one I´d like to win. But I like the three of them I have read very much so I suppose I can live with any of these winning ;)

Reg / Steve said...

I'm hoping it will be one of the Nordic ones at least, not another French book!