Thursday, June 11, 2009

International Dagger - Another Poll

The other day I set up a poll for 'which title people think will win the International Dagger'. The comments have indicated that the answer to that question is not necessarily the title that they themselves want to win. So I've sent up a second poll asking 'which title do you *want* to win'. Please vote in this new poll (and the other if you haven't done so already) and also tick which books you've read off the list in the poll on Mysteries in Paradise.


Maxine Clarke said...

The trouble is, I actually did vote for the one I "wanted" to win in the previous poll! I guess I think that Stieg Larsson probably will win (and it's a good book so I would be happy at that, or in fact any of the four I've read winning - they are all great books).

Fiona said...

hmmm, i really don't know why so many people think the larsson will win... in instances of trilogy, it's always the third that wins big. i promise!