Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TV - A Touch of Frost

Digital Spy reports that a new episode of A Touch of Frost is being filmed:
Sir David Jason is to star in a new episode of A Touch of Frost on ITV1.

The 90 minute episode is titled "In the Public Interest" and is now in production in Leeds. It will air next year.

"I'm delighted to be playing Jack Frost once again," said Sir David. "He's a great character and I'm very fond of him."

John Lyons and Bruce Alexander will return as Detective Sergeant Lyons and Superintendent Mullett respectively in the new episode along with Mel Martin, Tam Williams and Julia St. John. Adrian Lukis, most recently seen playing Doug Wright in The Bill, will play villain James Callum.

David Reynolds, ITV controller of comedy drama and drama features for ITV Yorkshire said: "There is a real appetite for crime drama and A Touch of Frost provides scope for a range of stories and characters. Viewers can expect this episode to keep them guessing, and there is a twist that will add further intrigue to the drama."
The final Frost book from the late R D Wingfield, 'A Killing Frost', will be out in April 2008.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the books, and was very sad to read that the author died recently.
I saw two or three of the TV series but felt they made Frost into a much more loveable and hence boring character compared with the books, which had a bite.
Bit like Cracker, really -- the first couple were great as Cracker was such an awful person. But a few more episodes and he was a "loveable rogue" which was the point at which I switched off.