Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eragon and on... (OT)

From Publisher's Lunch:
The third book in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance series will be published on September 23, 2008, Knopf Children's announced this morning. Originally envisioned as a trilogy, Paolini is expanding the story into a fourth book. He says in the announcement: "I plotted out the Inheritance series as a trilogy nine years ago, when I was fifteen. At that time, I never imagined I'd write all three books, much less that they would be published. When I finally delved into Book Three, it soon became obvious that the remainder of the story was far too big to fit in one volume. Having spent so long thinking about the series as a trilogy, it was difficult for me to realize that, in order to be true to my characters and to address all of the plot points and unanswered questions Eragon and Eldest raised, I needed to split the end of the series into two books."

Eragon has been licensed in 50 foreign languages, and the first two books have combined sales of over 12.5 million copies worldwide.

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Maxine said...

Neither of my children was at all taken with this book (Eragon). They rented the DVD a few months back and watched it, but weren't too impressed by that either. Funny, isn't it-- I know that Eragon was very popular with many, but not here I am afraid.