Saturday, October 06, 2007

Publishing News print edition - free online this week

Because of the postal strike, the latest print edition of Publishing News is available to download as a .pdf. NB. It's 7MB.

A couple of snippets I extracted:
Nick Sayers has bought a further trio of historical novels by Robyn Young, author of Brethren and Crusade. Requiem, which concludes that trilogy, is scheduled for 2009. The new books will form the Insurrection trilogy, and the action is set in 13th century Scotland, England and France. Sayers bought from the eponymous Rupert Heath.
The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency is to feature on TV, on BBC over Christmas, directed by Anthony Minghella, no less, from a script co-written with Richard Curtis. Abacus releases the tie-in edition on 6 December, and it should provide yet another sales bonanza for the entire series in book and audio form.

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