Wednesday, October 24, 2007

(a link to) an interview with Simon Levack

Simon Levack writes the Aztec mystery series, starring Yaotl, a slave, who has now had four printed adventures. You can read an interview with him on the Getting Medieval blog.

The fourth book, Tribute of Death, has had to be self-published due to insufficient sales of the previous books, despite critical acclaim. If you like this series and want to see more, Simon Levack's website gives the following tips:
Buy my books (well, you were expecting that!)
Borrow my books from your library - and if the library doesn't have one, request it!
Encourage your friends to read my books
Write about my books in your blogs, newsgroups and discussion lists
Get your reading groups to discuss my books
If you know any publishers, booksellers or anyone else who may have a commercial interest in what I've done, tell them about it!
Give this website address out to anyone who may be interested.
Tribute of Death is available to buy or download from

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