Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Reviews on Euro Crime

Here are this week's new reviews, website updates and a competition reminder:

Latest Reviews:

Maxine Clarke admits she's read Andrea Camilleri's Montalbano series out of order but I shall hopefully post her reviews in order, continuing with the second in the series, The Terracotta Dog;

Declan Burke reviews Julius Winsome by Gerard Donovan - another Irish author setting his book in Maine;

My latest audio book review is of A Passion for Killing by Barbara Nadel read by the marvellous Sean Barrett who also does the Wallander books;

Sunnie Gill reviews the latest Inspector Banks book, Friend of the Devil by Peter Robinson, which appears to be to the same high standard as his earlier books

and Maxine reveals that The Man Who Went Up In Smoke by Sjowall and Wahloo the second in the classic Martin Beck series is good enough to allow a swift purchase of the rest of the set.

Other Website Updates:

The Authors (594 homepages) page has been updated.

The New Releases pages have been updated.

In Books there are now bibliographies for 1153 authors.

I've added bibliographies for:
Ray Alan, Helen Black, S J Bolton, Xavier-Marie Bonnot, Karen Campbell, Tim Davys, Andrew Greig, Peter Grimsdale, Paul Hendy, Jacquemard-Senecal, Marek Krajewski, Stieg Larsson, Camilla Leckberg, Shona Maclean, Leo Malet, Michael Morley, Gianluca Morozzi, Andrea Marie Schenkel, Mehmet Murat Somer, Domingo Villar, Martin Walker, Jo Walton and David Wishart

and updated the bibliographies for:
Gilbert Adair, Jane Adams, M C Beaton, Victoria Blake, Anna Blundy, Stephen Booth, Dorothy Cannell, Chris Collett, Natasha Cooper, Elizabeth Corley, PC/Paul Doherty, David Downing, Nick Drake, Rod Duncan, Geraldine Evans, Karin Fossum, Ariana Franklin, Frances Fyfield, Alicia Gimenez-Bartlett, Michele Giuttari, Friedrich Glauser, Ann Granger, Susanna Gregory, Allan Guthrie, June Hampson, Sophie Hannah, Tom Harper, John Harvey, Veronica Heley, Mandasue Heller, David Hewson, Reginald Hill, Lesley Horton, Lis Howell, Declan Hughes, Claude Izner, L M Jackson, Katherine John, Simon Kernick, Philip Kerr, Bernard Knight, Roberta Kray, Carlo Lucarelli, Andrew Martin, R N Morris, Carmen Posadas, Craig Russell, Sally Spedding and Michael Walters.

Current Competition (closing date 31 October):

Win one of five copies of The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo (UK, Europe, Commonwealth (excluding Canada))

(geographical restrictions are in brackets)


Maxine said...

This is where I am confused on Camilleri, though, Karen, because I thought Terracotta Dog was the second, and read it second, but having read the next three, it seems that actually it is the fifth?! Maybe Norm/Uriah can enlighten us?
I am happy because I am now up to date on this series -- by which I don't mean that I have read them all, but that the next one I have to read is the next one chronologically from where I was last!
It is a pity that more publishers don't do what the publishers of the Sjowell/Wahloo series do, and put numbers on the spines.

Euro Crime said...

According to the official Camilleri website - "il secondo libro: Un cane di terracotta" and wikipedia has them in the same order as I do on Euro Crime. Numbers would be better!!

Uriah Robinson said...

It is lucky that we have several websites devoted to Andrea Camilleri and don't have to rely on "distracted of Devon" for a definitive ruling.
I am still puzzling out the correct order for my Sjowall/Wahloos.
My Gollancz Crime edition of The Man Who Went Up In Smoke is marked Martin Beck's third case. While my 31 year old Vintage/Random House copy of The Man on The Balcony is marked A Martin Beck mystery/2.
The Swedish publication dates show this to be incorrect but perhaps Maxine can confirm this from her smart new Harper Perennials.