Monday, August 27, 2007

Silent Witness on TV and DVD

Series 11 of Silent Witness begins this week on BBC One:

Part 1 [Tuesday 28 August 2007, 9pm, BBC One]
Part 2 [Wednesday 29 August 2007, 9pm, BBC One]

When an RAF helicopter crashes, Harry and Nikki are first on the scene. In the search for answers, Harry rapidly falls out with the Ministry of Defence. He suspects they may be covering up the true cause of the helicopter crash – but he’s determined to get to the truth.


Part 1 [Monday 3 September 2007, 9pm, BBC One]
Part 2 [Tuesday 4 September 2007, 9pm, BBC One]

When the mutilated body of a young boy is pulled from the river, Leo is determined to give him an identity – and to bring his killers to justice. Despite threats and increasing racial tension, he refuses to back down in his search for the killers of the young boy.
Also on the website, you can watch a three minute interview of Tom Ward, who plays Harry.

The BBC are a bit behind on the DVD front! Series 1 came out on DVD last year with Series 2 available from 17 September both starring Amanda Burton as Sam Ryan.

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