Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life on Mars remake - casting news

The BBC and Digital Spy are reporting that Colm Meaney will be joining Jason O'Mara as the two lead characters in the US remake of Life on Mars.

From the BBC:
Meaney is reported to be in talks to star as detective Gene Hunt, played by Philip Glenister in the BBC version.

The US remake will see Tyler transported back to the 1970s after his girlfriend is abducted.

He will come up against the no-nonsense, old-school detective Hunt as well a serial killer who may have played a part in the abduction.
I think Meaney will do a great job, as he always does, as 'Gene Hunt'.


Anonymous said...


and here's why:

Rankin/Orion are doing a promition with music-based networking site (essentially a site which records and lists the music users listen to), given the heavy influence of music on the novels. It features Rankin playlists, etc. Go on any user profile and occasionally the banners pop up, proclaiming the title "Exit Music". Cover pics as well.

Anonymous said...

now i'm not sure i actually posted my first comment properly...

if not, it essentially said that the next Rankin is, I think, caled Exit Music.