Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Magdalen Nabb Obituary

The Telegraph has an obituary of Magdalen Nabb who died at the weekend. I hadn't realised that:"Thirteen years ago she suffered a serious stroke, and was not expected to survive".

Read the obituary here.


Read Peter Guttridge's article on Magdalen Nabb in the Independent.


Anonymous said...

I just read the obit in the Times, which Frank Wilson links to on Books, Inq. I can't imagine how I missed it as I read the paper every day. Probably been a bit obsessed with GCSE results just at the moment.
I haven't read a Magdalen Nabb book for a good few years, but I read all her earlier ones and loved them. What sad news. I am so glad for her she had those 13 years, thanks to modern medicine one hopes.

Anonymous said...

I remember Magdalen Nabb when she taught my son at Holcombe Brook School. He played with her son, Liam every Saturday. Liam's mother had painted a wall mural of the Battle of Waterloo in Liam's bedroom. The boys played soldiers. My son was Christopher.
I read some of her novels. Unusual like Magda herself. Her death is a tragedy.