Friday, August 10, 2007

Winner of the 'guess the final Rebus title' competition announced...

The winner of the competition on Ian Rankin's website to guess the author's title of the final Rebus novel, has been announced. From Ian's website:
Congratulations to the winner of the competition to guess the title of Ian Rankin’s new book, out this September. Although nobody guessed the title correctly, Ian has selected his favourite: The Final Cut (originally the title of a Pink Floyd title) which was put forward by Tony Brown.
'Rebus XX' is out on the 6th September in the UK. The brief synopsis from
The year 2007 marks Detective Inspector John Rebus's last year in the Scottish police force. Forced to retire by both the law and his - relieved - superiors, Rebus knows that his time in the blue ranks must now come to an end. But how will the irascible detective deal with this grim terminus? Particularly with his nemesis, Ger Cafferty, still walking the streets of Edinburgh. And how will John's protege and friend Siobhan Clarke move forward with the old relic finally gone?
UPDATE: The last Rebus won't be called The Final Cut as that wasn't the title that Ian Rankin proposed however what the title will be is still unknown!


Lan said...

In fact, this is not the title of 'Rebus XX'.

No-one guessed the actual title, so Rankin chose his favorite of the wrong guesses ('Final Cut') for Orion to award the prize.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, don't think the title is "The Final Cut"! No one guessed the name correctly but someone had to win the prize, and Ian Rankin chose the person who suggested "The Final Cut" as being most worthy of winning.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Oh I see. The title will still be the one Ian Rankin chose, which is still not known to the general public. Thank you both for clarifying it!