Monday, August 20, 2007

Another UK's answer to Evanovich?

Liz Evans is always being called the UK's answer to Janet Evanovich but there's another contender according to the Independent. In Friday's paperback review they covered the second novel to feature Issy Brodsky, 'The Brodsky Touch', written by Lana Citron.

From The Independent: "North Londoner Issy Brodsky, who first appeared in Citron's The Honey Trap, is a single-mother turned private eye, earning a living spying on erring husbands. In this sassy sequel, she also sets her sights on superstardom and a new career in stand-up comedy. A heroine in the same mould as Janet Evanovich's New Jersey bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, Brodsky is a ballsy do-gooder taking psychotics in her stride. Her calamity-filled capers are full of humorous twists, following the time-honoured idea that she will land herself in trouble and, trying to extricate herself, get the last laugh."

Synopsis of The Honey Trap (from Issy Brodsky, single mum and single-digit income, finds a job compatible with her skills (laissez-faire attitude and flexible - thanks to the yoga). Now she works for the Honey Trap Detective Agency for a permanently premenstrual transgender boss. But what she hoped would be a simple nine-to-as-early-as-possible job becomes increasing complicated due to a missing finger, a noisy neighbour, an angry Jewish client, an unsolved murder and a dose of chicken pox.

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