Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Charlie Resnick update

An earlier blog post referred to the upcoming return of Resnick, and now are listing publication dates.

Firstly, TROUBLE IN MIND, of which John Harvey said in his last newsletter...
...the Nottingham-based Five Leaves Press have commissioned a new story from me for their new Crime Express series of single, longish stories which will be issued in editions of around 1,000 copies. Some of you out there will be pleased to know that this features none other than Charlie Resnick, still labouring on within Notts CID and living, happily enough, with his former sergeant Lynn Kellogg, now an inspector in the Force Crime Directorate [and making a brief appearance as such in the aforementioned Gone to Ground]. My plan is for Charlie to meet up with another of my fictional characters, former police officer and professional soccer player and currently private eye, Jack Kiley...
...will be available on 1st October.

He further wrote...
if all goes well, and the partnership feels right, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that they might both feature in the next-to-be-written novel. Not a full-scale Resnick novel as such, perhaps, but one in which he has far more than the walk-on role the Elder books allowed.
...well it must have gone well as amazon are listing, COLD IN HAND, published on 31 January 2008.

On Valentine's Day, Lynn Kellogg was shot and survived; the teenage girl standing next to her was less fortunate. Recently promoted to Detective Inspector in the city's Major Crime Unit, Lynn's rescue of a badly-beaten fifteen-year old from Eastern Europe links her to an international investigation into people trafficking and gun smuggling, and teams her up with SOCA - the Serious and Organised Crime Agency - for the first time. Just when everything seems to be progressing smoothly, things begin to go awry, leaving Lynn with serious doubts about the probity of the SOCA officers in charge. And when DI Charlie Resnick rouses himself from near-retirement to lend a hand, he finds himself blocked at every turn. Finally, it needs the intervention of Jack Kiley, former cop and soccer player turned private eye, before a way can be found through a miasma of murder and betrayal with mortal danger at each and every turn.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing "referred to" rather than "referenced." There is hope!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've read all 10 published Resnick books and think they are great. I'm looking forward to these new ones, thanks for the heads up!

I wonder if these two new boos mean that it is curtains for Elder (after three outings), though? I enjoyed those books also, and felt each one was an improvement on the last-- Elder hit his stride on his third outing, so I hope we'll meet him again, too.