Saturday, December 09, 2006

Win a copy of 'A Bitter Chill' on Jane Finnis' website

Jane posted to DorothyL yesterday that she's running a competition to give away two signed copies of 'A Bitter Chill'.
Synopsis of 'A Bitter Chill' from her website: "In late December 95 AD, Roman settlers in Britannia are preparing to celebrate Saturnalia, a midwinter festival of eating, drinking, and fun-and-games. Innkeeper Aurelia Marcella's plans for a peaceful holiday are shattered when her brother brings bad news. An enemy in Rome is trying to destroy her family by spreading rumours that they are plotting against Caesar. To add to her troubles, the mansio is menaced by a gang of native criminals operating a protection racket, and a party of rich, demanding travelers arrive to stay. Their quarrels and violence spill over into Aurelia's household, and the Saturnalia banquet, highlight of the festival, culminates in tragic death. Aurelia's sister Albia is one of the chief suspects.
This second book in the series takes Aurelia from the quiet countryside to the busy new garrison town of Eburacum (York,) where she must contend with conspirators and crooks, and face personal danger to protect her sister and help her brother. If she fails, her family will lose not just their mansio, but their lives."
The competition is here. The deadline is GMT Sunday 17th December and I don't think there are any geographical restrictions.

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