Saturday, September 23, 2006

R D Wingfield - New 'Frost' book

It does seem it's in progress. According to TV Scoop who report that:

"It was being posited last night that Detective Chief Superintendent Jack Frost might at the very least become even frostier with his superiors in future series after creator Rodney Wingfield's nephew was wrongly arrested on suspicion shoplifting. Wingfield has made a formal complaint to Essex police about the way his nephew was treated and in a letter to his agent he states: "My current pro-police Frost book will be my last.""

Full article here.

The last 'Frost' book was 'Winter Frost' in 1999.


Maxine Clarke said...

Will be good if he writes another Frost book. I read the 4 (?) he previously wrote and enjoyed them a lot. They are much darker and less cosy than the TV series -- well, I have only seen one or two of the TV series but imagine that the "cute humourous" trend and dilution of the darkness of the books continued with every episode.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

There was a rumour months ago that a new book was in progress, but this seems to confirm it. I'm afraid I've only watched the tv series. There are 5 books so far. The title of the sixth book is - possibly - 'Autumn Frost'.