Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ian Rankin - The Acid Test - BBC4 Winter 06/07

Full BBC press release here.

Alec Newman, Alastair Mackenzie and Nina Sosanya head up the cast in the one-off crime drama The Acid Test, written by James Mavor (Split Second) and based on a short story by acclaimed Scots crime author Ian Rankin.

Set in the heart of Edinburgh and featuring the underbelly of the capital city, The Acid Test is a psychological thriller. It tells the story of hard-boiled detective Jim Buchan - played by Alec Newman (Angel, Murder Rooms, Enterprise) - whose life starts to unravel as he investigates a 100-year-old murder case in the Scottish capital. Alastair Mackenzie (Monarch of the Glen, The Last Great Wilderness) plays Jack Harvey, Buchan's former friend and best-selling crime novelist with something to prove.

Buchan's investigation takes him into the dark underworld of Edinburgh's literary past and leads him to question the very nature of his own existence. The shattering truth will bring the lives of these two very different men together and blow them apart.

Filming for The Acid Test begins in September 2006 in locations around Edinburgh. The 75-minute, one-off drama is scheduled for transmission on BBC FOUR and BBC Scotland in Winter 2006/7.

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