Monday, September 18, 2006

Liza Marklund - Prime Time

Here's one Petrona and I are looking forward to. Just out (as a paperback), it's her 4th book to be translated into English :

"Thirteen people are spending the shortest night of the year together in an isolated manor house. On the morning of Midsummer's Eve, the brightest star in Swedish television, Michelle Carlsson, is found shot to death in a mobile control room. The murder turns Annika Bengtzon's world upside down. One of the suspects is her best friend. Annika's boyfriend, Thomas, accuses her of letting the family down. Anders Schyman, her boss, involves her in a public power struggle. Meanwhile there's a killer on the loose - and a tense drama about to unfold in the public eye." (


Anonymous said...

I read it already! The instant Amazon had the pbk available. Just loved it. Now the story has caught up with Bomber (which I think was her first book, but the next 3 backtracked in time). But annoyingly, although two more are published, they are not yet translated. It is enough to make you learn Swedish.
I loved it.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

That was quick! I've contacted the publisher for a review copy (fingers crossed) as the library's not got it on the catalogue yet. It sounds very traditional - snow, limited suspects etc - just my cup of coffee.