Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hay on Wye haul

Went to Hay on Wye today - all on public transport which went swimmingly until a points failure at Droitwich. Still we were only 30 mins later than planned. After polishing much cake in the Granary cafe in Hay we decided we needed to walk home (2 miles) from the station - rather than waiting 20 mins for a bus - me lugging my modest haul:

New books:

Zoe Sharp - First Drop (HB)
Deon Meyer - Heart of the Hunter
Schlink & Popp - Self's Punishment
plus a book for my Dad.

Secondhand books:

Conrad Allen - Murder on the Mauritania
Fridrikh Neznansky - The Body in Sokolniki Park*

* a new Russian author for the Euro Crime database!

Blogger wasn't letting me get into my comments earlier so I hope to do some replies tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
It would be intersting to know in which shop you found the Zoe Sharp?
I know someone who is still looking for a copy of Killer Instinct and I'm loathe to send mine as "a lend" in the mail (which is so unreliable these days, it seems).
Good to see you had a good haul and a good day at Hay!

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I'm not sure of the name of the shop but it's on the same street as the £1 shop (bookends?) and is next to the cashpoint just before Shepherds. It's double fronted and in the back of the right-hand side they have discounted new books. I've got Killer Instinct in pb on the TBR...